Includes policy, mitigation, adaptation, risk management, personal responsibility

NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project Webinar
September 6, 2016

Today, there are many opportunities to study climate through citizen science, a form of open collaboration where members of the public participate in the scientific process to address real-world issues. This presentation present some of the...

NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project Webinar
August 1, 2016

The NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project is proud to welcome Kristen Poppleton, Director of Education at ClimateGeneration: A Will Steger Legacy as the featured speaker this month. In...

NAAEE's EECapacity project
September 6, 2016 to October 28, 2016

This course is for environmental education professionals interested in applying current research in climate change communication and psychology to their educational programs. Students will learn about recent research on climate change psychology...

NAAEE Bringing New Ideas and Innovation to the Field of EE Webinar
July 26, 2016

Dr. Nicole Ardoin, an assistant professor on a joint appointment with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education and Woods Institute for the Environment, will speak about the potential for cross-sector coordination to initiate large scale...