Get Involved: Climate Choices Issue Guide

Bora Simmons, Director, National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education at University of Oregon
April 18, 2016

Environmental Issues Forums (EIF) provides tools, training, and support for engaging adults and students in meaningful, productive discussions about sticky issues that affect the environment and communities.

To create EIF, NAAEE rekindled a partnership with the Kettering Foundation(link is external), a nonprofit cooperative research organization that focuses on what it takes to make democracy work. 

The first issue guide, Climate Choices: How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet?, is officially available. 

Through NAAEE and Kettering's collaboration, the Climate Choices Issue Guide(link is external) was prepared for the National Issues Forums Institute. The Environment and Society Series is designed to promote meaningful, productive deliberation, convened locally and online, about difficult issues that affect the environment and communities.

NAAEE and Kettering would like to share some announcements about EIF and Climate Choicess and how you can become involved in helping the initiative. Click here to learn more about EIF and becoming a moderator and to download the Climate Voices guide. 

How can you help? The EIF team is just getting started. Here are a couple of things that would really help:

On behalf of the EIF team, thank you for all of your support! Feel free to email Bora Simmons with any questions or comments: sends e-mail)