Annual Arctic Sea Ice Minimum 1979-2015 with Area Graph

This series of visualizations show the annual Arctic sea ice minimum from 1979 to 2015. The decrease in Arctic sea ice over time is shown in an animation and a graph plotted simultaneously, but can be parsed so that the change in sea ice area can be shown without the graph.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Visualization can be used to introduce the value of long-term data sets.

If educator prefers to have students take data and draw the graph themselves, see [link].

Educator can show students the visualization of the sea ice first, and then engage class to hypothesize whether it is increasing or decreasing. Graph can be shown on a separate overlay and students can hypothesize how the change is affecting the ecosystem.

It may be helpful to narrow students in on a particular location on the visualization - to help them see the differences over time.