Arctic Climate Curriculum, Activity 1: Exploring the Arctic

This lesson sequence guides students to learn about the geography and the unique characteristics of the Arctic, including vegetation, and people who live there. Students use Google Earth to explore the Arctic and learn about meteorological observations in the Arctic, including collecting their own data in hands-on experiments. This is the first part of a three-part curriculum about Arctic climate.

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Anne Gold
Karin Kirk
CIRES Education and Outreach; University of Colorado Boulder

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Much of the lesson can be done on the computer, but some can be printed out for reading offline.

Familiarity is needed with Google Earth and should already be available on student computers for in-class lessons or assigned to take home.

Students may need help in plotting graphical information in Excel.

Download Teaching Tips before you begin the activity series. See [link