Biofuels/Biomass Cellulose Lab

In this lab activity, students investigate how to prepare a biofuel source for conversion to a combustible product. The activity models how raw materials are refined to process liquid fuels.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Quite a few steps in this lab, but ample support for educator is provided. Educator needs to purchase some materials and prepare the paper pulp and the cellulase solution a day ahead of the laboratory.

Have students create a flow chart demonstrating the conversion of raw materials into biofuel to demonstrate their understanding.

Students may need come back after school to check their results.

Educator may want to do this as a demo.

It may be helpful to demonstrate that Benedict's reagent works as a detector of simple sugars.

Some students may require a refresher on what a simple sugar is.

Instructor may need to think about possible misconceptions students may bring to this activity.

See other CLEAN resources about biofuels in conjunction with this activity.