Earth: An animated map of global wind and weather

This animation depicts real-time wind speed and direction at selected heights above Earth's surface, ocean surface currents, and ocean surface temperatures and anomalies.

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Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Animation will require teacher support to extrapolate information, make sense of visualization, and place concepts in larger context of climate change.

Teachers might allow students to explore the animation first before discussing as a group.

Teacher would want to direct students to lower left link and provide support for acronyms and abbreviations.

Teacher should provide support for students when presented with animation (i.e., help in finding "more info," understanding of ocean vs. wind, distance from sea level, etc.)

Visualization should be paired with or used after a lesson on weather or ocean and atmospheric circulation. Links can be made by students between different types of data displayed, but may need to be guided as to which data to display and explore in order to discover the connections.

Depending on student grade level and instructor's background, a key for the various selectable options for the data displayed may be useful.