Elementary GLOBE Climate Module

Through learning activities, students learn how weather over a long period of time describes climate, explore how sea level rise can affect coastal communities and environments, and describe how humans are contributing to climate change and how we can take action to solve this problem.

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Becca Hatheway
Diane Stanitski
Lisa Gardiner
Elementary GLOBE; University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

The first activity in this series is intended to span the school year.

There is a [link https://www.globe.gov/web/elementary-globe/overview/teacher-implementati... 'teaching implementation guide'] on the Globe Elementary main web page that discusses how the educator can implement the storybook guided units in your classroom. At the end of the story book there is a section on "Teaching Notes" that provides more background information for the teacher on the activities that are to follow.

If you are concerned that these lessons may cause anxiety in your students due to a focus on problems associated with climate change, please refer to our [link https://cleanet.org/clean/literacy/index.html 'CLEAN Elementary Guidance Pages'].

Instructor will need to spend time looking for photos and videos of areas affected by sea level rise. Website resources are provided in the curriculum.