Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.

In this interactive simulation, students can explore global CO2 emissions displayed by different continents/countries and plotted based on the GDP. A map view is also accessible.

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This tool can be used in science classes, history classes, and economics classes.

The map tool allows students to access the data from another view than just by looking at the graph interface.

Simulation allows educator to explore the contribution to increased CO2 concentration and contrast it to the countries who will suffer the most from a changing climate.

Start: have students explore the animation and ask questions what animation shows.

Great opportunity for students to explore, potential for feeling overwhelmed by data and information, careful scaffolding will help for first few explorations of data sets.

Wrap up lesson: Show one of Hans Rosling's TED talks.

Science teachers could use this to provoke students' thinking, disrupt notions, bust myths.

Lots of other data given on Y-axis.