How Clouds Form - Understanding the Basic Principles of Precipitation

The purpose of this investigation is to facilitate understanding of the basics of cloud formation involving the changing state of water. This activity should enhance the understanding of the change of state concept, which is important in the study of meteorology.

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Arlene Levine
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Stopping to question and observe after each condition would assure the teacher that the students have a clear understanding of what is taking place.

Instructor may want to provide student guidance on how to record their data.

Caution should be taken if instructor chooses to have students light the matches.

It may be helpful for an instructor to perform the experiment for themselves first before using it with students so they understand what the bottles will look like under each experimental condition.

For more background information about how clouds form, check out [link '"How Clouds Form"'] and a larger set of [link'cloud resources'].

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