How does Temperature Affect the Solubility of CO2 in Water?

This short investigation from Carbo Europe explores how temperature affects the solubility of carbon dioxide in water.

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Carbon science researchers and secondary school teachers invite young people to learn about local and global impacts of climate change, explore scientific research on the topic and act locally to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

The educator should identify the level of student understanding of CO2 and its impacts on and connections to global warming prior to doing the activity.

Students might also benefit from reviewing content/background on parent site prior to completing the experiment.

There is the potential for students to focus on the rate of tablet dissolution, thereby developing misconceptions about the objectives. It is important that the teacher is aware of this for the post-activity discussion.

The visual effect of warm and cold water temperature on the rate of CO2 solubility is a great way to debate the role of CO2 on climate change.

Extensions or variations to the experiments are described throughout the experiment.