I Live in the Midwest and Northern Great Plains - Does Climate Change Matter to Me?

This video features Katharine Hayhoe presenting a lively discussion of impacts that the Midwestern US is experiencing due to climate change. It steps through evidence for how climate change is affecting agriculture, tourism, drought and flood, water cycles and freshwater availability, the spread of invasive species and disease, as well as other topics.

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Katharine Hayhoe
Global Weirding Series

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

This is an excellent spring-board video for lessons. An instructor can break this video into specialized data sections to launch a myriad of activities - think of a web diagram with the video in the center.

Since there is so much data presented in this video, it would be good to show it full length at first and then repeat it, stopping and re-starting it, so the students could take accurate notes. By re-watching, re-starting and stopping it will also allow students sufficient time to process the information individually or begin a small group/whole group discussion.