The Lifestyle Project

This multi-week project begins with a measurement of baseline consumptive behavior followed by three weeks of working to reduce the use of water, energy, high-impact foods, and other materials. The assignment uses an Excel spreadsheet that calculates direct energy and water use as well as indirect CO2 and water use associated with food consumption. After completing the project, students understand that they do indeed play a role in the big picture. They also learn that making small changes to their lifestyles is not difficult and they can easily reduce their personal impact on the environment.

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Karin Kirk
John J. Thomas
SERC - Starting Point Collection

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Requires educator buy-in and active promotion throughout the run of the project.

Parts of the Eco-Quiz will have to be changed to reflect the educator's geographical location since some questions deal with conditions (water supply, etc.) in northern New York.

Can be used in a distance learning setting.

Although this is a multi-week project, it can be used over a shorter time scale and adapted to a variety of topics and age ranges. Project can run in the background of a course, so it does not require 3 weeks of actual class time.