NOAA View Data Exploration Tool

This data viewing tool from NOAA offers nearly instant access to dozens of datasets about Earth through an engaging interface. Users can select data categories from atmosphere, ocean, land, cryosphere, and climate and drill down from there into more detailed categories.

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NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Could be used as a tool for exploration of various global data and trends, or it could be used as a resource for teachers to focus in on one or two very specific trends.

Is largely a visual tool and detailed quantitative analysis (i.e. graphing) are not possible. That said, there is plenty of analysis that can be done from this tool. And it is engaging.

Great tool for exploring relationships among ocean, atmosphere, land, cryosphere, climate (e.g. precipitation and vegetation) if images are viewed side by side.

The ability to view the data over time could inform discussions of what might be driving those large scale trends (i.e. human impact vs. natural variability).

The interactive nature of the tool fosters genuine inquiry. Students can be let loose with the tool to see what patterns, trends, or hypotheses they can come up with.

Students could come up with a question, use the tool to answer it, and then challenge other students to see if they can find the answer to the same question. This instructional technique is described in the [link 'Physics Face Off'] activity.

Educator should encourage students to view the demo video before using the tool.

Some of the climate projections start in 2100 and the maps can look a little dire. Be alert for for students' psychological response to potentially depressing projections.

For lower grade levels, pair the tool with an appropriate grade-level activity.