Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on Soil Loss

In this activity, students investigate soil erosion and how a changing climate could influence erosion rates in agricultural areas. This activity is part of a larger InTeGrate module called Growing Concern.

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S. Fortner
M. Murphy
H. Scherer
INTEGRATE Project, SERC, Carleton College

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Includes good introduction to soil science and management, but could also be used as a wrap-up lesson as it integrates natural and human dimensions and decision-making.

This activity, like the others in its module, requires students to work cooperatively to consider complex issues from a systems perspective. This may be new for some students, and they may need more guidance from the instructor than is provided on the handouts. These activities are intended to give students a chance to think through the concepts on their own, so some of the questions are intentionally open-ended with multiple "correct" answers. It is important for the instructor to circulate and help students as they are working to alleviate frustration that can occur as a result of this type of work.