Sea Ice Index--Sea Ice Animation Tool

This visualization tool shows sea ice data from 1978 to the present. Selected data can be animated to show changes in sea ice extent over time. Data is added by the National Snow and Ice Data Center as it becomes available.

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National Snow and Ice Data Center

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Educators should examine the site in advance and look at different ranges of data.

Instead of just watching the animation, have students take data over a one-year period and also over a 20 year time interval. Then, have students construct graphs of their data and have a class discussion about their results.

Integrating a tool like this into a curriculum is a great way to get students involved in long-term data sets as they interact with the tool to observe changes.

Use this tool along with the resource "Graphing the Extent of Sea Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic" from Windows to the Universe [link], for "Compare Images of Arctic Sea Ice Extent Side-by-Side" [link] and "Compare Images of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Side-by-Side" [link