Take Aim At Climate Change

This music video features a rap song about some of the causes and effects of climate change with the goal of increasing awareness of climate change and how it will impact nature and humans.

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Polar Palooza.com

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

The video offers potential inspiration for students to do their own videos about climate science and solutions.

Excellent use of media to reach general public on some general issues of climate change. Students of middle school level or early high school may respond best.

The informational screens have not been vetted by CLEAN for scientific accuracy.

Resources provided in the lyrics have not been vetted by CLEAN, but the songs are relatively general in nature, so this shouldn't be an issue to use this material in class.

The instructor might note that some of the resources cited in the lyrics document should be inspected for credibility.

Might be construed as "cheesy" by high school students, but is appropriate and may be well-received by elementary and middle school students.