Understanding Global Change Interactive

This interactive module allows students and educators to build models that explain how the Earth system works. The Click and Learn application can be used to show how Earth is affected by human activities and natural phenomena.

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Jessica Bean
Mark Nielsen
University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Notes From Our Reviewers

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Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

The teacher's guide (under Educator Materials) is well-organized and thorough: it introduces the activity's key concepts, learning goals, materials, teaching tips, and an example instructional sequence.

The example instructional sequence is very helpful, since it may take a lot of class time to explain how to use the system model at the end of the activity. The example suggests that students pair up to create their own models, though the activity could be done as individual work or in groups of 3-4.

The interactive activity may be best used as a capstone activity or assessment tool concluding a unit on how changes in our earth systems occur.

Instructors should try the interactive before using it in class to ensure it works as needed in their browser or on their computers.

The activity can be adapted to different levels based on complexity of model and detail expected in connections. Adaptable for advanced middleschoolers and undergraduates.