November 27, 2012

Advanced Coastal GPS: Immediate Data, Immediate Decisions


Randy Osborne, Louisiana State University

This is the LSU Real-Time Network. The Real-Time Network is a series of stations that monitor GPS positions every second. Each one of these stations talks back to our network here at LSU, and we are able to take all that information and create a network solution for end users to get positions in real-time that are as accurate as if they were standing on top of the base station.

Tim Osborn, NOAA Office of Coast Survey
When you can have local surveying and engineering professionals actually develop that information in real time and actually can themselves prove that sea level rise and subsidence is actually occurring, then it really shortcuts, it really is the timesaver of having us come and try to make people believe us as outsiders that they are experiencing these problems.

Now you have the companies right here with the resources to go out literally within the space of just a few minutes and actually show any decision-maker what is happening and compare it to what was designed and built here 30 or 40 years ago and why it doesn’t work and why action needs to be taken.

GPS Engineer

Elevation of water is .513.



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