ACE Action Fellowship

Alliance For Climate Education

The Action Fellowship is a yearlong training program that gives young people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be powerful climate leaders and accelerate climate action. We have developed and tested our model through workshops delivered to over 3,000 students in the past three years. Our pedagogy is grounded in popular education techniques and includes learning Climate Science, Impacts, and Justice, Public Narrative, Campaign Planning, Lobbying, Public Speaking, and Persuasive Writing.

What is ACE?


Our goals are to reach 700,000 students by end of 2016 and to inspire 10% of those students to join the ACE Student Network and continue to take action. Through pre and post surveys, we intend to measure changes in the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of the student audience.

“ACE has not only educated me, but transformed me into an active community member, and has given me many opportunities to shine and develop as a youth activist.” Lilia Pankers, Aveson Global Leadership Academy, Los Angeles, age 17.

High Level Impact: 

Our desired impact is to twofold: First to educate a new, diverse generation of young people on the science of climate change. We believe an educated populous is a critical step toward sustained climate action. Second, to use Our Climate. Our Future. to ignite a million youth-led conversations about climate change and inspire action by youth and their communities nationwide.

Point of Contact: 

Rebecca Anderson,, ACE