Keep It Sustainable

Community Based

The Youth Ambassador Program (YAP!) is a partnership program between the National Park Service and Third EyE Unlimited Youth Empowerment where teens communicate national park themes through hip-hop culture and social media outreach. This includes creating music and videos about local, regional, and national park themes, and sharing them via numerous social media sites. 

In this video, YAP! challenges you to "Keep it Sustainable." Learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle and lower your carbon footprint while bobbing your head to this catchy song. Tell us how you keep it sustainable.

Keep it Sustainable


To motivate young adults to find ways they can help in the climate crisis.

To show a model of young people doing their part.

"I love this video so much!!! Great job!"

Jillian Bell

High Level Impact: 

This video has reached thousands of viewers but has the potential to reach many more. It has been shown at school presentations, conferences and classrooms as a motivational piece and also as a model of youth using their passion of rapping to bring awareness to climate change.

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