SES Costa Rica Leadership Exchange

Community Based

The School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley conducted a foreign exchange to Costa Rick in late July. In Costa Rica the students worked together along with students at Liceo de Poas to inform the students about the change in the climate and how it effects growing seasons for coffee, Costa Rica's highest agriculture export. The students also went to an elementary school where they talked to young students about waste and pollution. In late April the Costa Rican students would do home stays with the students in Apple Valley and conduct projects to help educate the public on climate change in the future.


The goal is to become leaders and to work together to enhance the relationship between humans and their environment around the issue of climate change.

 "Look at the stars, They will miss us, Look at the moon, And say see you soon."

Thony Castro saying his good bye


" This a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am glad I shared this opportunity with you."

Josh Kivett


" Although we are in a tropical climate lets not forget the glaciers melting as we speak." 

Filsan Said 17 School of Environmental Studies to the elementary school students 

High Level Impact: 

The students from Minnesota learned the changes of a climate different from their own. That climate change effects different areas in different ways. Students had a common goal of educating people and showing them what they can do differently to help fight climate change.

Point of Contact: 

 Jane Tunseth,, School of Environmental Studies