The Sink or Swim Project

Community Based

The science and statistics are staggering. Over the next few decades sea level rise will devastate and change every coastal community on the planet as well as many adjacent inland areas and will have a profound impact on social, biological, political and economic aspects all over the world. Nowhere will the impact be more devastating, or more critical, than in South Florida. 

The Sink or Swim Project is designed to educate, inform and engage the generations, both young people alive today and those who are about to be born, who will inherit sea level rise and who must work together to solve it. 

We use a range of tools to accomplish our mission including live PowerPoint presentations, a state of the art website (, topical blog postings by founder Delaney Reynolds and the distribution of a comic/adventure book (Where Did All The Polar Bears Go?), toys that act as metaphors to illustrate the problem, political buttons and tee shirts.

The Sink or Swim Project's Classroom Education by Delaney Reynolds


To engage and educate people about the very real risks from sea level rise and global warming as well as possible solutions to this potentially catastrophic problem.

To educate people of all ages but with a particular focus on today's children and young adults, those of us who will soon inherit this problem and be principally charged with solving it for our society and planet.

"If humans keep the pace of which they are emitting carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, in essence, South Florida will sink, so we all need to come together and decide whether we want to sink or swim."

Delaney Reynolds, Palmer Trinity School, 16 Years Old

High Level Impact: 

In less than two years since its creation, The Sink or Swim Project has educated thousands of South Floridians ranging from third graders to adults in a variety of environments, including elementary, middle and high schools, college campuses as well as a range of community events and organizations. In addition, founder Delaney Reynolds' blog postings are received by an ever growing list of over 2,000 active email addresses.

In 2015 The Sink or Swim Project has been featured in local print media on several occasions and has been filmed for possible inclusion in two documentary films: Higher Ground II (CAVA/The Turtle Conservancy) and Years of Living Dangerously, Season II (National Geographic/Showtime).

Point of Contact: 

Delaney Reynolds, Founder

The Sink or Swim Project