Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3)

Community Based

Sc3 is a weeklong student leadership training program that transforms students into agents of change. Inspired and empowered by their experience, Sc3 students return to their schools or communities – from all over the United States and around the world – to complete a sustainability project in the year following the Congress. Sc3 is produced in collaboration with US Fish & Wildlife Service and held at USFWS' National Conservation Training Center

What is Sc3 What are Sc3 Students Passionate About

The SC3 Experience


The mission of the Student Climate & Conservation Congress (Sc3) is to empower outstanding student environmental leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools to address climate change and natural resource conservation challenges and better serve their schools and communities.

"My experience at Sc3 left me feeling educated, engaged, inspired, and determined. The unique student-facilitated collaborative process of Sc3 allows students to expand their understanding of a multitude of environmental concerns and gain exposure to a diverse spectrum of perspectives. Additionally, attending this Congress helped me to develop the leadership skills necessary to tackle environmental issues in my school."

Shana Herman, Harriton High School, age 18 (Villanova, PA)

High Level Impact: 

Participants at Sc3 develop an Action Plan to address a sustainability need in their school or community and report back to an online platform throughout the following year. Typical projects include starting a green team or eco club, holding an e-waste drive or setting up a composting program.

Sc3 faculty help mentor students to suggest resources and overcome challenges that may arise. Sc3 fellows are transformed by the program. Sc3 is conducted in an “open space” format, a process that in itself impacts participants to move forward inclusively, listening to others and valuing all perspectives. This style of leadership is profoundly effective and has a ripple effect, impacting home school communities.

Sc3 provides its participants a community of peers, peers who understand and care about the environment with a common passion.

Expert speakers educate and inform participants about a variety of disciplines relating to climate change and conservation. Students interact on a personal level with world-renown scientists, artists, activists, and writers. Students develop a special connection to nature and sense of place through a full-day paddle on the Potomac River, community service projects in the local community, and time with new friends around the campfire.

Point of Contact: 

Katy Perry, Green Schools Alliance