Window Into Paris: COP21

COP21 #Youth4Climate

Recognizing that educators are critical messengers of climate and energy literacy for hundreds of students each year, Climate Generation is committed to engaging educators in the international climate negotiations as both learners and climate change communicators back to their educational settings and communities. In conjunction with COP21 we have selected a delegation of 10 Education Ambassadors through our Window into Paris program. These ten teachers represent diverse subject areas, grade levels, and educational settings.

Window Into Paris: COP21 Beckie Alexander


To engage teachers and their students in the COP21 international climate change negotiations through authentic learning including in classroom activities and virtual connections from Paris.

To raise awareness about the importance of climate change education for understanding climate science and policy and preparing today's students for the future being decided in Paris.

“I strive to provide my students with learning opportunities that connect to their lives, and participating in the COP21 climate change negotiations is an exceptional example of that type of learning experience.” 

Phillip Haberman, Teacher Compassion Road Academy, Earth Science and Biology, Denver, Colorado

High Level Impact: 

We anticipate reaching 1000 students directly via the teachers who are education ambassadors. We are also measuring the comfort and confidence of these ten teachers regarding integrating climate change and climate policy into their subjects. We anticipate reaching at least 3000 more individuals via our daily digest and webcasts.

Point of Contact: 

Kristen Poppleton, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy