Danielle Claar in scuba gear, sitting on a boat with the ocean and sky behind her
February 4, 2020

Climate.gov talks with scientific scuba diver and marine scientist Danielle Claar, an early career scientist with a passion for everything ocean—from tide pools to coral reefs. 

August 1, 2018

As part of the State of the Climate in 2017 report, experts describe a record three-year-long episode of mass coral bleaching at tropical reefs worldwide. Previous global bleaching events required the presence of El Niño, but the devastating 2014–2017 event began before El Niño emerged and continued long after it ended—implicating human-caused global warming in the mass die offs.

In collaboration with state and local partners, NOAA today announced a bold strategy to restore and preserve seven coral reef sites in the Florida Keys, part of an unprecedented, decades-long...

On Mon., Dec. 9, NOAA and its partners will announce a major coral reef restoration strategy targeting seven reefs in the Florida Keys. The groundbreaking “Mission: Iconic Reefs” effort is...