September 8, 2020

Since satellite-based measurements began in the late 1970s, Arctic sea ice extent has decreased in all months and virtually all regions The 14 lowest extents in the satellite era have all occurred in the last 14 years.

Map showing global and local sea level change in shades of blue and brown
January 25, 2021

Sea level has risen 8-9 inches since 1880, and the rate is accelerating thanks to glacier and ice sheet melt. 

August 14, 2020

Human activities, mainly burning fossil fuels, are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, amplifying the natural greenhouse effect and making the pH of the ocean more acidic. 

Map of U.S. showing change in temperature since 1895
January 31, 2019

If the recent weather whiplash has left you wondering how U.S. winters are changing over time, NOAA climate maps tell the story. 

ENSO diagnostic flowchart
June 16, 2020

Find your favorites: an index page of links to ENSO blog posts. 

June 24, 2019

In this Beyond the Data blog, Deke Arndt talks about using the climate record to predict the odds of rain on the Fourth of July.